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[Pending — Proposed introduction and rules for personal article submission]

In the interest of public dialog, local members of Mono Climate Action are invited to post your articles here at and to share your views, ideas and information with others.

Your article can be of any length, include photos, video, and even audio. Content must be original material, not subject to any copyright1 and suitable for the whole family. Some technical support will be provided to help those unfamiliar with WordPress, as we want to encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity. To get started submit a request to our Contact us form with your full name, address, phone number, and email address.  Articles will publicly display your name.  Your address, phone, and email will be kept private.

Any views shared by members remain solely the members personal views and are not the views of Mono Climate Action.

1) Your article may contain one or more links to copyright material.