350 MONO :
Dreams into Action = Paradigm Change

September 2016

Mono Lake is a powerful symbol of environmental problem solving, a place where people worked together to protect a magnificent ecosystem against all odds. We can work together toward the dream of preserving the climate of our magnificent blue planet that sustains us all , and humanity being fundamentally in balance with the Earth for future generations.


Work toward the Mono Basin being a model next generation climate-friendly community, by reducing our carbon footprint however possible by working together.

  • Investigate energy and water use in the Mono Basin for baseline data.
  • Facilitate adoption of home solar through incentives, leasing, and encouragement.
  • Continue community education and inspiration through climate seminars, lectures and discussion, as well as fun events like the Solar Walk.
  • Work together with the Mono Lake Committee in their efforts to address effects of warming on

Mono Lake, and make use of their national membership to encourage climate action, and protecting our ecosystem as a climate change refugia.


  • Encourage Mono Co. Board of Supervisors to support emission reduction goals for the County, and introduce the idea of fee and dividend, a tool that can be used locally and nationally.
  • Work with our local schools to support climate education.
  • Support and encourage Eastern Sierra Unified School District’s initiative to install solar on all 6 campuses, using Prop 39 money and a leasing agreement.
  • Establish a relationship with Mammoth Mt. Ski Area and encourage their leadership on climate issues
  • Establish a relationship with our Representative in Congress, Paul Cook, and ask for his leadership on climate issues.


  • Work with 350.org on global climate mobilization effort, by participating in nationwide 350.org leadership phone calls, and responding when local events can support national and international efforts.

    Travel and participate in large scale events when possible, such as Break Free from Fossil Fuels last May. Participate in the Climate Mobilization project.

  • Learn more about the fee and dividend idea, and its potential to shift personal behavior with policies that create incentives and consequences for individual carbon emissions, making everyone part of the effort to reduce emissions and making it socially acceptable to use fewer resources. Fee and dividend puts a price on carbon use. Big users pay a fixed price per carbon unit into a fund that is used to pay a dividend to those who use less. This is a different concept than cap and trade, which already exists in California, but only applies to the power and industrial sectors. Companies are assigned individual emissions targets based on their history. If they exceed these targets they can buy “allowances”. This money is used for programs devoted to battling climate change. Each year, the allowances are reduced and their price is increased. Both strategies are necessary to quickly and efficiently reduce carbon emissions.

We only have one planet, let’s take care of it!