April 24: Confronting Climate Change Panel /Saving Snow film draws big turnout in Mammoth

A crowd of 100 people came out on the evening of April 24 to watch the new film Saving Snow, which focuses on the impacts of climate change on the ski industry and snow-based recreation economies.  A panel discussion followed, moderated by Matt McClain of Mammoth Lakes Recreation, with Aspen Mayor Steve Skadron, Mammoth Mayor John Wentworth, and Mammoth/Squaw Valley/Alterra executive Ron Cohen.

An interesting discussion followed on how mountain towns can adapt, be resilient and show leadership in confronting climate change by reducing their carbon footprints as much as possible.  Aspen, Colorado , has been a leader in sustainability for 20 years.  Hopefully, Mammoth Lakes is ready to follow , with a Ready for 100 resolution by Town Council in the works.

350 MONO is working with the Sierra Club and the Citizen’s Climate Lobby towards a resolution pledging 100% renewable electricity in Mammoth Lakes by 2030 and 100% renewable energy by 2050.  Aspen is one of 4 completely renewable energy powered towns in the USA.

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